Anti-odour workout clothes: how to avoid smelly gym gear

Anti-odour workout clothes: how to avoid smelly gym gear

Discover the best anti-odour workout clothes, to keep you smelling good after the gym

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh workout gear to get you in the mood to move. Unfortunately, once you start that movement, the freshness won’t linger for long. Yep, it seems inevitable: once you start some hard exercise, you’re gonna sweat, and you’re gonna stink.

Sure, that smell is also a sign of success.

  • You’ve been working hard!
  • Getting stronger!
  • Burning energy!

But for most of us, it’s just an unwanted distraction from what we’re really trying to achieve. Because smelly workout gear means:

  • you’re not as focused on your goals
  • you might be self-conscious about being around others.
  • you’ll need to take the time to wash it before the next workout
  • you might lose motivation for that next workout if you don’t have fresh-smelling gear ready to go.

And we’re just not ready to accept that kind of thing. So in creating Iwi Athletica activewear, one of our most important goals was to introduce anti-odour and anti-stink properties. Without sacrificing performance, movement and comfort.

We found the solution in our S.Café® eco-friendly coffee yarn, supercharged with silver fibres. With Iwi Athletica activewear, you’ll always feel fresher, more confident, and ready for the next workout.

But first, let’s take it back a step.

Why do gym clothes smell bad after workouts?

It’s got to be the sweat, right? You work hard, you sweat, and the sweat stinks.

Not quite. The sweat itself doesn’t really smell of anything. Instead, the smell comes from bacteria that form naturally on our skin and clothing. They thrive in high-heat and high-humidity environments – the kind of environment that cocoons you after a hard workout. Your sweat helps them grow, and that’s why we can smell worse after a workout than we do during it.

So there’s three ways to solve the stink.

  1. Absorb or repel the odours.
  2. Thwart the bacteria.
  3. Keep the environment as sweat-free as possible.

Coffee grounds: the secret ingredient for anti-stink clothing

We know what you’re thinking. If you put coffee in your clothes, you might not smell of sweat, but you’ll definitely smell of Starbucks. And while there’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning… it’s probably not what you want to smell like all day.

No worries. The S.Café® eco-friendly coffee yarn embedded in our fabrics is infused with used coffee grounds. The coffee smell is long-gone, but the grounds keep strong odour-absorbing power.

The silver bullet for stink: how silver reduces smell and bacteria in anti-odour clothing

Silver might represent second place in sport, but it’s second-to-none in bacteria-fighting performance. Which is why it’s bonded to our S.Café® yarn.

The silver fibres inhibit bacterial growth, and prevent it from reaching your skin, or building up in the clothing. And the permanent, chemical-free process means it doesn’t wash away. In tests, the fabric still has 99% of its anti-bacterial performance after 300 washes.

Keeping gym clothing odour-free by limiting sweat build-up

And as an added level of protection, the fabric in our Iwi Athletica activewear prevents sweat build-up and dries fast. Nearly twice as fast as cotton, and 50% faster than other synthetics.

Making the washing process easier and faster

Even the best-performing anti-odour gear will need some washing. To make sure you’re always ready for the next workout, or the next stop on your travels, that should be easy and fast. And so it is with Iwi Athletica activewear.

  • It’s a simple cold-water wash.
  • The same fast-drying properties that help prevent sweat build-up also means it dries faster after washing.

Other tips for keeping your gym gear fresh and your workout stink-free

So by now we know that:

  • you’ll smell better when working out in Iwi Athletica gear
  • you won’t need to wash it as often
  • when you do need to wash it, it’ll be fast and easy.

But there are some other things you can do to help maximise that freshness.

  1. Take your workout clothes out of your gym bag after exercise. Odours can build in dark, enclosed spaces.
  2. Hang those clothes up. It gives them some air, and helps them retain their shape.
  3. Don't forget your shoes. They need cleaning and care, too.
  4. Plan your wash schedule. Just as you might plan when you go to the gym or on a run, plan when you'll wash your gear. That way you're always ready to go. And if you miss one wash: no biggie! That's why you picked Iwi Athletica.

Iwi Athletica activewear: the best gear for a dry, odour-free workout or gym session

We designed our XTPRO activewear to keep you fresh. And because New Zealand athletes (from beginners to pros) use it every day, we know it delivers. So make today the day you farewell the stink, and embrace a higher level of performance. We've got your back the whole way.

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