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What is Iwi Athletica? | He aha a Iwi Athletica?

We love Aotearoa, we love sports and these are things we want to share with the rest of the world.

“Our name is a touchstone back to our home, to Aotearoa, our families and communities.” Nick Mita (Ngāti Kahungunu), co-founder.

To compete on the world stage New Zealand squash players have to learn how to live away from home for long periods of time. From Dame Susan Devoy in the 80s, to our own Paul Coll. In the past 2 years COVID has made the time away from home even longer.

Iwi Athletica is about celebrating our community of athletes across Aotearoa, whether you’re from a small town or our biggest city. Wherever you’re from and whoever you are: You belong.

We develop future leaders by building transferable life skills from the court to the community.

We support future leaders through funding, sponsorship and guidance.

A percentage of every Iwi Athletica sale goes back into local community squash.

Through our co-founders Nick Mita and Paul Coll, we also support  Māori Squash competitions and players.

We are learners and supporters of te reo Māori,the language of Aotearoa. We are working with the Māori Language Commission on our own Iwi Athletica language plan.

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About Us | Kō wai mātou?

Nick Mita (Ngāti Kahungunu) | Co-Founder

Born and bred in Wairarapa, Nick picked up squash after a fulfilling and successful rugby career. He is now one of the country’s leading squash coaches.

Paul Coll | Co-Founder

Hailing originally from a small town, Paul, as a 13-year-old, left Greymouth and headed over the Southern Alps to board in Christchurch where sporting opportunities were better. Paul is now the world’s top ranking male squash player and the first New Zealander to win the Men’s British Open, which he's now done twice.  

Aaron Jackson | Co-Founder

Milton born Aaron is a textile industry veteran who brings more than three decades of experience. Over the years, Aaron has been responsible for commercialising performance wear and has helped numerous major sportswear companies develop their activewear brands.

Murphy Chung | Co-Founder

Murphy is a brand and marketing expert, with over 16 years experience in the textile industry. He is the owner of Won House and TSGS Inc in Taiwan, supplying over 100 international leading sports brands.

“There are so many people back at home who’ve helped me on my journey. I hope to help other young people who are at the beginning of their squash journeys.” Paul Coll

How Will We Make Tomorrow Better Than Today?

Our mission is to work closely with athletes to gain insights and understanding of the demands brought by high performance sport, together. By understanding what's needed by top athletes we are able to build the very best product, which through sales can provide development and sponsorship to all who wish to play. We then collaborate with partners to esnure we build our product in a sustainable way - reducing our impact on the environment.

As Iwi continues to grow, so too does the future of our community, not only through the development of athletes but also through employment opportunities such as retail, logistics, product design, development, graphic design and manufacturing.

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