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Our Core

Our core


Iwi Athletica is an inclusive community that respect, support and unite with each other through our common love of sports.

IWI - This pure, yet powerful sacred word in Māori says it all. Just like a coach to an athlete, a mother to a child, to us, any great achievement we see wouldn’t be possible without someone got their back, with tremendous effort and support, unseen by the public eyes.

By going back to our root, beautiful New Zealand, we find our strength from our family, our backbone, our IWI.

This very sense of community and belonging help us navigate across the world, strive forward relentlessly to become a better version of ourselves and conquer whatever challenges come our way.

United, we will be stronger.

Together, we will Make Tomorrow Better Than Today.

Co-Founder | Paul Coll

NZ #1 and World #3 Men’s Squash, head creative concept designer at IWI Athletica.
Bringing his experience as a pro athlete on the international sports stage to create a specialized range of products focusing on performance wear with no distractions.

Co-Founder | Aaron Jackson

Fabric Guru, a well known consultant within the industry.
Responsible for commercializing performance wear and helping numerous major sportswear companies develop their activewear brands.

Co-Founder | Murphy Chung

With over 16 years’ experience in the textile industry and owner of Won House and TSGS Inc in Taiwan, supplying over 100 international leading sports brands.

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