Gentle Exercises for Recovery Days
Some days, you don’t need to mahi hard. We know that’s our whole thing… but sometimes you need to mahi soft. Let your body recover. Rest. Rejuvenat...
Ways to Get Fit and Active Without Spending a Fortune
If you've been putting off your health and wellness goals because you're worried about it burning a hole in your pocket, here's to reaching your wellness objectives without it being a drain on your finances.
How Is Iwi Athletica Supporting Our Community & Representing Kiwi Culture In 2023?
 It has always been the mission of Iwi Athletica to support New Zealand athletes, sponsor promising young players, and make a positive difference i...
5 Mindfulness exercises to boost your physical wellbeing
Mindfulness and movement are a powerful combo for looking after your wellbeing. Learn some of our favourite techniques for keeping our minds as fit as our bodies.
From a Brisk Walk to a Paddle Board — How To Keep Your Wellness in Mind This Holiday Season
As the end of the year approaches (when holiday parties and Christmas drinks start to fill your calendar) it can feel hard to make room for your u...
Anti-odour workout clothes: how to avoid smelly gym gear
By picking Iwi Athletica for your workout clothing, you’ll smell better as you exercise. You won’t need to wash your gear as often, and when you do, it’ll be fast and easy. Learn how Iwi keeps you feeling fresher, more confident, and always ready for that next workout.
Why Sustainable Activewear Matters In 2022
XTPRO is our sustainability secret weapon! Look no further for eco friendly activewear or sustainable gym clothes, Iwi Athletica has the answer. Made with silver and coffee infused yarn for the ultimate sweat wicking comfort. Want to learn more? Read on!
Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022! Greetings from Aaron & Paul
As 2021 comes to an end, we'd like to say thank you all for your amazing support. There's so much we can learn from you that helps us to grow into...
🎄Free New Zealand shipping before Christmas!

It’s our favourite and most wonderful time of the year! 

Christmas holiday is THE time when we get to relax in the sun, worry free and spend the quality time with our whānau.

But before that there's one last thing we need to get it sussed out...the presents!

Squash NZ Official Partnership 2022/23

We're thrilled to announce the official partnership between Iwi Athletica and Squash New Zealand. 

As a New Zealand based and owned company, we have always been passionate about helping kiwis stay active, be it for squash, running around the house yelling at the kids, or for all those other activities that make life worthwhile. We're excited to work with Squash NZ to promote the sport and share our passion. 

Make Tomorrow Better Than Today

Iwi Athletica is about family, tribe, or what we often refer in the Maori languange - Whānau.

It all originally started through the shared love of squash...

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