How Is Iwi Athletica Supporting Our Community & Representing Kiwi Culture In 2023?

How Is Iwi Athletica Supporting Our Community & Representing Kiwi Culture In 2023?

 It has always been the mission of Iwi Athletica to support New Zealand athletes, sponsor promising young players, and make a positive difference in our community. This kaupapa has guided our brand toward some compelling opportunities, and given us an immense sense of pride from putting our values and ethos into action.

In 2023, Iwi Athletica is excited to continue looking for opportunities to do good in our community and grow the Iwi Athletica whānau. We look within our community for ideas, guidance and recommendations of worthy initiatives, teams and individuals. Be that for sportswear, tournament and sport sponsorship, ambassadorship or financial support. 

Rakaia squash club champions in Iwi Athletica tops holding their trophies.

Our New Zealand squash community

Our roots are embedded in squash. Squash is where our roots are, and we seek to keep those relationships strong in the coming year. Superman of squash, Paul Coll, puts Iwi Athletica on the squash global stage. We are humbled that squash players worldwide, and especially New Zealand squash players and fans are resonating with not only Paul’s superman skills, but also the Iwi Athletica brand. 

As we move toward other sport focuses this year, we will not lose sight or appreciation of the OG squash fans. Pictured are the Epsom, Rakaia and Island Bay community members rocking their custom Iwi Athletica gear. This is something we have been fine tuning and are delighted to offer New Zealand squash clubs and players, as well as international teams who request custom sports gear.

The squash community is growing locally, and we are proud to be present from grassroots level to top tier tournaments in the New Zealand squash scene. Getting more people moving and inspiring everyday athletes of all abilities is our why, and we have the gear that helps achieve it.  A percentage of every single Iwi Athletica sale goes back into local community squash because that is where we believe the biggest impact can be made.

Paul Coll has been an exemplary leader as a founder of Iwi Athletica showing the brand values in action, a positive and inspiring person who is giving squash a huge boost in street cred. Paul has a stacked 2023 and we are proud to be on that journey with him. He is the ultimate  embodiment of #mahihard

Epsom squash players in their Iwi Athletica custom club tops


Culture initiatives & Māori sport

Our Maori and indigenous culture is important to us at Iwi Athletica, so much so that we named ourselves after the largest social units of Maori family culture — the Iwi.

We love Aotearoa, we love sports and these are things we want to share with the rest of the world.

It is a privilege to put Māori language and values at the forefront of our brand on the global stage. You can learn more about Our Core here.

We do our very best to ensure that we operate in a sustainable and totally transparent manner. Our textiles are carefully planned, designed and sourced to ensure the utmost care for the environment. It is in standing with “manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua - If we take care of the earth and take care of people, we will take care of the future.” 

Iwi Athletica strives to contribute toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow, and a lot can be learned from the te ao Maori perspective, that we are all connected to the land. Kaitiakitanga is the guardianship and protection of the environment, something we hold ourselves accountable for at every step in our production journey. From waterless printing to recycled coffee yarns, we are open to continually improving our approach to sustainability and doing our part toward kotahitanga (unity, solidarity, collective action and togetherness).

Māori worldview defines success as being able to spread the benefits of financial successes widely throughout the community. As Iwi Athletica has grown, we have been able to support Māori athletes and communities. It is important to Iwi Athletica as a brand to support Māori sport and athletes, specifically as we want to ensure we contribute to equal opportunities for all athletes.

Sport sponsorships in our local community and abroad

Sponsoring teams is an epic way we can contribute to community and culture locally and overseas. In 2022 we had the pleasure of sponsoring many athletes and teams, including Maiden Coe (squash), the Tonga national team (basketball), Vogelmorn Premier Women’s team (tennis), and a plethora of other deserving teams — all kitted out in Iwi Athletica gear, to aid them in performing their best. 

To keep up to date with who we are sponsoring and how they are going in their various sports, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We are always on the lookout for new teams to support and individuals to sponsor, especially if finances are a barrier for participation within the team or community. Get in touch with us at if you know anyone deserving.

Finances are so often the barrier for participation of rangatahi in sports. As a community of true believers in Māori sport, who have the gear to facilitate sport sponsorship and build a positive culture of mahi and grit in everyday and high performing athletes — we encourage you to join the Iwi Athletica whānau and wear your gear with pride, in the knowledge you are contributing to something greater than yourself while you workout. 

Island Bay squash players in their Iwi Athletica custom club tees



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