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Paul Coll x Iwi



Known as Superman in squash.

Paul Coll is a New Zealand athlete currently has a career-high World No. 2 in the PSA World Rankings

Why I started IWI Athletica?

One of the main reasons was being an athlete I am constantly living in athletic wear and sweating a lot. I found myself stop wearing my favourite clothes because I was worried about the residual smell that they would get after wearing them a few times.

I wanted to build a brand that would provide a fix for this issue!

What does IWI mean to me?

I'm a proud Kiwi, so naturally Māori culture is a part of me too. When I try to find what matters to me the most, instantly I think of my family, friends, my coaches and my tribe, and in Māori, iwi means exactly that if not more.

I wish this brand to bring the best quality activewear I can offer to my tribe, to those who matter to me the most.

What does it feel like to be a world league athlete?

Very tough as I had to move away from my family and friends at a young age. I now live in Amsterdam and only get home 1-2 times a year. It's a highly disciplined career, which means missing out on countless parties and birthdays to focus on my squash.

Having said that it is also an eye-opening and rewarding journey, traveling the world, competing with the best in the sport you love in some amazing locations makes all the sacrifices worth it.

What's lies ahead?

Part of our vision for IWI was building an active community through sport in general. I've created a series of workout programs called the IWI SWEAT L.A.B on the SugarWOD app, constantly delivering workout routines to up your game.

We're also sharing weekly physical training tips and mindfulness advices from my mental coach BART WIJNHOVEN on both Instagram and Facebook for everyone to stay fit and healthy, even during lockdown in their countries.

I'm hoping that more professionals can join us and create a unique support system and bring more values to our whānau!

As an athlete, this is a way I feel we can help our community stay fit and healthy, especially through this trying time. 

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