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After almost 2 hours of intense basketball, in this Dubai heat (outdoor ) the shirt didn't have any bad odour, neither did it continuously stick to me, and it was super convenient!
After that, I let the T shirt dry outdoors, while I went for a recovery swim . It was 90% dry, and the best part... There was no odour! Excellent!


The best early 21st present ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iwi Athletica and Paul Coll providing the good stuff #mahihard

Daniel Hewson

I won the regional championships without dropping a game and showing off my iwi shorts and shirt!! They are so so great, lots and lots of manoeuvrability!!
Many thanks

Oliver Coulcher-Porter

Im wearing your shirts as my wicking layer while I'm skiing this season - they are fantastic. No stink!


Delighted to be supporting a squash focused company and buying quality merchandise. The fabric feels fantastic and my son thrilled to be wearing a Paul Coll headband on court. We are big Paul fans in this house. 
Delighted with your purchase from start to finish. Will be watching as you guys develop the brand. 

Paula Connell

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