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If you’re a fan of dropping dinks into the kitchen, then Iwi Athletica activewear is just what you need to look good, feel good and play good on the pickleball court! Our workout clothes offer incredible performance technology to keep you dry while you work up a sweat. 

Of course, you’ll need all the right pickleball equipment to get started; check out the International Federation of Pickleball for all the rules and basic training information. For recommendations on the best pickleball paddles or for lessons and tournaments, get in touch with your local pickleball club.

Activewear on the Pickleball court:

Iwi Athletica garments are highly tested and specifically engineered with sweat-wicking technology. They are made from long-wearing, quality material and will keep you dry all game long. You don’t want to be in heavy and sweaty workout clothes - our XTPro range is especially formulated with anti-odour silver yarns to keep you performing at your peak.  

Pickleball’s History Meets Iwi’s Future:

Pickleball was born out of the desire to curate a game the whole family could play whilst bored. In 1965, Joel Pritchard, a Congressman from Washington, and Bill Bell, a businessman from Seattle, returned to Pritchard’s home on Bainbridge Island after playing golf on a summer day. They arrived back to bored children and decided to play some Badminton as a family. However, with none of the right equipment, and a bit of ingenuity, they improvised with table tennis paddles, a perforated ball and a Badminton net. They lowered the net, and pickleball was born. 

Iwi Athletica is all for spending time with the whānau and staying active, so pickleball is very much on our radar. Coming from racket sport roots in squash, we know our gear stands up to time on the court…. Or the kitchen! As a small brand we love to support emerging sport in Aotearoa, and we would love to have a pickleball ambassador in the future! Get in touch if you know a deserving player!

If your pickleball squad is looking to get team kit made, have a look at our bespoke teams page.

Get in touch with us at info@iwiathletica.co.nz for any queries!

Kit out your pickleball wardrobe here:

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