Won.Transfer Waterless Printing



Why Waterless Printing?

Water provides life to all living things on planet earth. We can't live without the miracle of water that mother earth has gifted to us.

Unfortunately mass clothing production has long been harming our oceans and rivers.

Current manufacturing processes still require a high level of water usage, including repeated steaming and washing of garments to make our clothes, which consumes a huge volume of energy and water.

And we wanted to do something about it.

customized sublimination printing

Less bad chemicals

In an effort to reduce our water consumption we have committed to working with Won.Transfer - providers of waterless printing technologies. WON.HOUSE is able to save tons of water by eliminating water usage during the fabric dyeing process of product manufacturing.

Waterless printing means that the production of Iwi Athletica garments does not include disposing of harmful dyeing and cleaning chemicals into our waterways.

Won.Transfer waterless printing is able to Print on delicate textile

No Compromise

Another benefit of using Won.Transfer waterless printing is that printing occurs at a lower temperature than other digital printing methods.

These lower temperatures remove the risk of damaging the fabric fibre, and our garments remain the same softness level as they should be, providing a premium feel on your skin.

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