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Won.Transfer Waterless Printing



Why Waterless Printing

Water is life. We can't live without this miracle that mother earth gifts us.

Unfortunately mass clothing production has long been harming the ocean.

Most of the current manufacturing process still requires steaming and washing repeatedly for making our clothing, consumes a large amount of energy and water.

And we wanted to do something about it.

Less bad chemicals

At Iwi we turn to Won.Transfer - a waterless printing technology that saves tons of water for the fabric dyeing process, stops disposing harmful dyeing and cleaning chemicals into our waterway.

Won.Transfer waterless printing is able to Print on delicate textile

No Compromise

Another key benefit of Won.Transfer is that it prints at a lower temperature than other digital printing methods.

Without damaging the fabric fibre, our garments remain the same softness level as it should be, with a premium feel next to your skin.

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