S.Café® Recycled Coffee Yarn

Could you ever imagine a world in which the daily coffees we drink could be transformed into the garments that we wear? S.Café® technology does exactly that.

A low-temperature, high-pressure and eco-friendly process is applied to create S.Café® nano coffee grounds that are infused into yarn fibre. Our fabric development partners from SINGTEX give a second life to wasted coffee grounds. Additional benefits from coffee infused yarn include its ability to dry 200% quicker than cotton. The micro-pores on S. Café® coffee grounds also absorb odours and reflect UV rays. This makes your garment stink free, reflective to UV rays and sustainably made. Win-win.

 Odour control

The S.Café® coffee grounds absorb the odours your body produces throughout the day. Since the coffee grounds are embedded inside the S.Café® yarn, you will get more wear from your S. Café® garments, meaning you don't have to wash them as regularly as cotton based products.

Compared to cotton, S.Café® sustainable technology provides 3x more odour control.



  Fast Drying

One of our favourite elements in the S.Café® technology is its fast drying capabilities. How does it work?
Moisture (sweat) transfers from your skin to the outer layer of our S.Café® fabric. The S.Café® nano coffee grounds will quickly absorb and disperse sweat, reducing bad odour, and allowing your clothes to dry far quicker than other commonly used fabrics.


 UV protection

Fabrics that are infused with S. Café® nano coffee grounds feature numerous microscopic pores. These microscopic pores create a long-lasting, natural and chemical free shield that actively reflect UV rays, providing a comfortable outdoor experience for the wearer.

Compared to cotton, S.Café® sustainable technology provides 5x more UV protection. 

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