From a Brisk Walk to a Paddle Board — How To Keep Your Wellness in Mind This Holiday Season

From a Brisk Walk to a Paddle Board — How To Keep Your Wellness in Mind This Holiday Season

As the end of the year approaches (when holiday parties and Christmas drinks start to fill your calendar) it can feel hard to make room for your usual exercise routine. We thought we might share some of our favourite ways to refresh your workout over the Christmas break—less inside the cramped gym full of new years resolutions—more outside living them! Your Iwi Athletica gear won’t let you down in the heat— just don’t forget to slip slop slap and wrap! LISS cardio It’s time to relax, take a break from HIIT, and take up some Christmas

LISS cardio

We know where you went there… cardio is hard-io, but with a LISS workout, it doesn’t have to be. LISS stands for low intensity Steady State, which essentially means you sustain a mid-range heart rate, the opposite of the short intense bursts of HIIT cardio. To achieve that heart rate, most cardio at a moderate intensity will do. Low impact walking, hiking, cycling, swimming can be the answer. You’re more likely to have a bit more time to have a leisurely workout over the Christmas break — so LISS cardio can be a great change of pace if high intensity short burst training is something you opt for for the sake of time. If you’re thinking of slowing things down a bit while maintaining your physical activity over your summer break, then we know just the gear to help you stay comfortable in the process.

Got a stand up paddle board?

This is one for the more coordinated amongst us. If you think you’re likely to take an accidental dip, might we suggest some XTPro AG workout gear? It is quick drying after all! The stand up paddle board took the world by storm in 2022, as it is the ultimate combination of a workout and a relaxing experience (once you get the hang of it). As Kiwis hit up the tried and true camping spots, or make their way to the water for their summer holidays, you best bet the paddle board will be in tow. Perhaps kill two birds with one stone, and get your tan on while you’re at it, but 86 the t-shirt — no one loves a t-shirt tan line! Pack your warrior singlet when you head away and unleash your inner stand up paddle board warrior.

Back to basics

Another way to tackle festive season fitness is to keep it super simple. Go for a brisk walk. Get the gang together, take the dog for a walk, do a lap of the block after the family or visitors start driving you crazy (in the name of fitness of course…). A brisk walk is an easy way to gain some quiet time during the silly season. Put yourself first on your stroll, use it to unwind, refocus and get your blood flowing. The festive season is known to cause stress, and exercise is one of the best stress combative measures you can take. Remember to move a little more, and enjoy everything in moderation!

Merry Christmas from Iwi Athletica

We wish you and your whānau a Meri Kirihimete and safe holiday break. Enjoy time with your friends, whānau and community. Take time for relaxation, rest and mindfulness. Don’t forget to jump into our database before the silly season… who knows, we might slip into your inbox come Boxing Day! Here’s to 2023 As we reflect on 2022, and the challenges and victories that came along with it, we are grateful for the Iwi Athletica community and our supporters. Let’s keep putting in the mahi in 2023. We will have some product surprises for you in the coming months and can’t wait to have you on the next phase of the Iwi Athletica journey. As always, #mahihard

“Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia!”

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