Why Sustainable Activewear Matters In 2022

Why Sustainable Activewear Matters In 2022

All About XTPRO: Iwi Athletica’s Eco Activewear

It’s no secret that we are proud of the XTPRO technology in our products. You might own and love a piece from our XTPRO range, but not really know about all the features that make it so great—and we will tell you—it’s got a lot of features! We are especially proud of this range of eco-friendly activewear, as it embodies the way we prioritise the environment and embrace climate conscious technology.

At Iwi, we are out there getting our sweat on, just like you. We use these products too, because we know they live up to their claims.


Eco conscious

To bring sustainable activewear options to the market we take care to source the best eco-friendly materials, produced in ethical ways, without compromising on quality, performance and comfort.

This includes:

- Chemical-free fibre bonding  
- Recycled coffee grounds & PET polyester with S.Café®
- “On demand” Won.Transfer Waterless Printing. More on these features soon!

The XTPRO range encapsulates the very best of anti-odour technology, multi directional stretch material, and temperature regulation.


“Comfort + performance with no distractions for each and every workout”

Is Sustainability on your mind in 2022?

We think about our planet when designing and manufacturing the XTPRO range and other lines at Iwi Athletica. The fashion and manufacturing industry doesn’t have a good rapport with sustainability, and there is good reason for it - the fashion industry accounts for somewhere between 8 and 10 percent of global carbon emissions, a greater share than both global shipping and aviation COMBINED! So in creating Iwi Athletica we wanted to buck that trend, and do something new and innovative that prioritised our planet. We did not want to contribute to the mass waste and excessive emissions that textiles, manufacturing and fashion are known for. 


Fashion typically pushes for frequent seasonal rotations, which means clothes don’t last as long in people’s wardrobes. The manufacturing process is then repeated again and again creating hordes of ‘out of fashion’ textile wastage. At Iwi, our small curated collections serve the purpose of being long lasting. Timeless styles that don’t change, and mean we aren’t manufacturing in excess, or wasting resources on small product runs.


According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the average number of times a piece of clothing is worn decreased by 36% between 2000 and 2015. Ouch. The XTPRO range is washable up to 300 times without compromising the technological integrity of the sweat-wicking and quick drying properties. Our independent lab testing showed that the anti-stink technology was 99% unaffected after 300 washes, so you can keep using and loving your XTPRO gear for the long term. We want to reduce the carbon cost per wear by producing quality products you can wear again and again and again, and XTPRO delivers on just that.


“Sustainable” gym clothing doesn’t mean performance is compromised for the ‘eco friendly’ status either. Our XTPRO range is quick drying, anti static, thermal regulating and odour-controlling. Your range of motion is not compromised, and you’ll be dry and breezy all workout long. There are no shortcuts in XTPRO eco friendly activewear. It lives up to the hype and meets your workouts needs.


Recycled Polyester + Coffee = sustainable gym clothes!

S.Cafe by SINGTEX is our secret weapon in producing recycled polyester that is infused with coffee grounds. It flexes a 200% faster dry time than cotton, and repurposes both coffee grounds and PET bottles too. Our sustainable workout clothes are developed with the expertise of leading textiles manufacturers, who know what products really work. 


Singtex are one of the most prominent suppliers of eco-friendly and functional textiles in Taiwan. So how does it work? SINGTEX explains that their “yarns infused with S.Café® nano coffee grounds benefit from increased surface area, resulting in the outstanding water dispersion performance; the micro pores on the S.Café® nano coffee grounds can constantly absorb body odors and reflect UV rays.”


Your gym clothes and your morning coffee collide to help you get your sweat on without leaving you feeling wet and sticky. It sounds like wizardry but that’s the magic of S.Café®. Our XTPRO range is one of Paul Coll’s secret weapons in getting match ready, training hard, staying dry and most importantly… not stinking!


Waterless Printing Technology:

What good is eco friendly sportswear if its logos, numbers, or names are printed on in water wasting ways? No good in our eyes. That’s why we partner with Won.Transfer  to deliver printed apparel that doesn’t cost the earth. Their low temperature and waterless process creates high quality products that digitally print stunning transfers instead of using dye, thus saving the immense washing and steaming needs the dying process entails. By digitally printing vibrant colours with water-based ink sublimation, your Iwi gear boasts an incredible depth of colour that is colour-fast and fade resistant. This ensures you will always look and feel fresh  for longer. 


XTPRO - Your next eco friendly workout weapon

The Iwi team, pro athletes, and countless customers around the world know XTPRO delivers. If you’d like to join them in using ground breaking eco activewear in your next big workout, shop the range here. We know you’ll put in the mahi, and it will support you every step of the way! 

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