Make Tomorrow Better Than Today

Make Tomorrow Better Than Today
Iwi Athletica is about family, tribe, or what we often refer to in the Maori language - Whānau.

The beginning

The whole journey started out with a small spark, that brought together originally through the shared love of squash.
Paul Coll, being a world-famous professional squash athlete, first met Aaron Jacksonback in 2018, also a kiwi who's been working abroad for prominent athletic brands like Lululemon for decades. Aaron, being also an enthusiastic squash player, and in the know of the squash and fitness scene in New Zealand, had long followed Paul's achievements.

The two got talking and hit it off, and they're both not happy with what the market has to offer. Quickly realising they shared a common goal: to create something new, special and unique in the athletic clothing industry.
Evolve from Paul's original clothing brand PC Clothing that Paul started out of his passion for fashion design, with Aaron infused his strong textile development knowledge and his connections in production and manufacturing, Iwi Athletica was born.




What sets Iwi Athletica apart from other brands, is that our team members come from fields such as developers to manufacturers, this allows us to be innovative and to quickly test out concepts.
With an extensive background in fitness, Paul's technical knowledge combined with Aaron's experience within the industry has allowed them to create a product that covers all aspects of performance to keep you working at your best.
Iwi is set out to solve the distracting problems all players face, and to make sports apparel that's just right for high-sweat and high-intensity conditions.
This is what drives Iwi Athletica - it provides you with the motivation needed to succeed, without any distractions.
The company's name is inspired by a combination of two words "Iwi" meaning tribe and "Athletica" representing athleticism - embodying the brand's mission to unite athletes from all corners of the globe under one banner.
From gaining insights from some of the world's top squash athletes, as well as  teams and sports club members within New Zealand, we're serious about solving what the real athletes needs. 


The Founders

Aaron Jackson, Fabric Guru, a well-known textile innovative consultant within the technical fabric industry. Responsible for commercializing performance wear and helping numerous companies develop their activewear brands.   


Paul Coll, New Zealand #1 and World #1 Men’s Squash, head creative concept designer at Iwi Athletica. Using his experience as an athlete on the international sports stage to create a specialized range of clothing for athletes to be able to focus on their game.​  

Murphy Chung, over 16 years of experience in the textile industry and owner of Won House and TSGS Inc, supplying over 100 international brands.  


Together, their combined expertise in sports apparel and the textile industry has made Iwi a one of a kind brand in performance apparel.
From athletes to weekend warriors, Iwi Athletica has something for everyone.



No To Traditional, Yes To Environment

The story of Iwi began with a problem. The textile industry has long caused environmental damage with its production methods, particularly in the dyeing process that pollutes our waterways. And it was time for a change.
At Iwi Athletica, we believe that the key to a sustainable future is to break away from traditional methods and practices. Not only by turning to Won.Transfer waterless printing technology to reduce the water wastage and pollutions, we also use fabrics made from recycled plastic and coffee ground, and produce all garments ethically in Taiwan, the heart of performance textile development centre, without compromising quality, performance, comfort or style.

These steps we took allows us to create beautiful and sustainable products that are better for the environment - and better for you. Whether you're looking for a new workout outfit or just hanging out, our collections have everything you need and more. Say yes to guilt-free!
Our range uses:
  • Chemical-free silver fibre bonding 
  • Patented coffee yarn made from recycled coffee grounds 
  • Recycled PET Polyester where possible 
  • On-demand Won.Transfer Waterless Printing to reserve water use and eliminate dyeing pollution.


Fit For Performance

We know how hard and frustrating it is for our professional athletes or die-hard sports players to try and find the perfect performance apparel.
Here at IWI, we provide an athletic fit, allowing free movement, fabric breathability, and ultra-comfort. Rigorously tested by professional athletes, Paul Coll and Nele Gilis, to ensure our athletic fit moves with you leaving you unrestricted and free to concentrate on what you do best.  




So, what are you waiting for? Iwi is more than just a clothing brand - we're a movement for a positive boost for sports in New Zealand, starting with just a few, then we will be a tribe.
Join us in our journey to a better future. Shop now and enjoy guilt-free fashion that's good for you and the environment. 

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