Do you have a uniform catalogue?

Yes we do! You can download it HERE.

Is there a minimum quantity I have to order?

At this stage no. You can order as little or as much as you like. Just be aware that like most shopping sprees, the shipping cost for one item can appear expensive compared to buying in bulk. 😊

Can I just get a quote before we begin?

Of course you can. We understand that for funding purposes a quote is often needed before beginning.

Are the fabric and styles the same as on Iwi online store?

Yes, we use the same fabric and styles as the ones seen on our website.


How does the design process work?

We work with you to create your exclusive design. You let us know where you want your logo, sponsors or any additional artwork. All your requirements will pass on to our brilliant design team to start create a draft.

Can I talk straight to the Iwi garment designers?

No. All design requests will need to go through IWI customer service for review. We're more than happy to work with your graphic designers.

What if I already have a design?

Totally cool. We will evaluate whether the design artwork meets the required spec, if all looks good, we'll pass the designs onto our designers so they can draft onto shirt styles for your review.

What if I have no idea where to begin?

That is totally ok too. Our design team can create from scratch. Whether you provide some reference images of your preference or allow them to let their imagination loose…it's up to you!

What if I don’t like the design?

Totally OK. You get to decide whether you like the draft or would prefer to tweak it or even start over. So don’t be afraid to let us know it’s not to your liking!
To save communication time so that your uniform can reach you sooner, you may like to have some style reference images and colour palette ready beforehand.

Do I need to pay for the draft designs?

No, we wont charge you for the draft designs at this stage within a reasonable range.
Please note there is a limit of 3 x MODIFICATIONS for making the design alterations.
* Further design changes will be charged at a reasonable design modification fee.

What can I add into the design?

Any logos, sponsors, wording or art. It’s really a blank canvas, so let your imagination go wild.
Please not our IWI logo be placed somewhere on the shirt at a visible size.

What colours can I use?

All the colours of the rainbow…There’s not many colours out there we can’t do!

How long does the draft design process take?

Each draft design takes around 7 working days to complete. So the more solid concept you have for your team kit, the sooner you can get them to arrive!

What happens once I approve the draft design?

When you're happy with the draft and want to go ahead with the order, send through the quantity and sizes and we will send you an official quote accordingly.
If you decide to proceed, once we confirmed a 30% deposit is received we will proceed with the production.


How long does it take to produce our customised gear?

Once the order is placed it will usually take around 30 -45 days to complete.
Your gear will then ship to Iwi’s secret HQ to complete final quality checks before being sent out to you. Shipping usually takes 2 weeks from our manufacturer to our HQ.
Once it passes our final check it will usually take a week to arrive on your doorstep.

*Due to COVID absolutely causing havoc with shipping lately we can’t give you an exact timeframe. Therefor there could be times where shipping may take slightly longer.


When do I pay?

We'd appreciate a 30% deposit upon the confirmation of the draft design before we place the order. We will email you a copy of the invoice after we ship out your uniform, and the remaining amount can be paid in full once you received the goodies.
We believe it’s only fair to ensure you are happy with what you received before you pay the invoice.

How much is shipping?

At this stage shipping will usually cost between $30 - $50 depending on quantity of gear ordered. We do our best to cut the shipping cost down as much as we can…so sorry no fancy boxes 😊

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